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I am so excited about the second installment of a program I first hosted in 2014.

This year, we are not only calling women who have credentials and ministerial titles, but also women who are simply sensing God's still small voice. Maybe you're unsure if you're being called to church ministry, but you sense you're being called to "something"! Preaching? Writing? Administration? Just not sure.

This is the season where the people of God must be activated into purpose. Ministers are needed within the four walls of the church AND in EVERY space where darkness resides. It's not the time to delay, shrink, or postpone answering your call until retirement.
God needs you before the kids finish college!
God needs you although you had one of them "out of wedlock"!
God has need of you with all of your deficits, excuses, and the prerequisites you established for yourself!
If God can use me,God can use ANYBODY!
My prayer is that God will use me to help attendees walk in the fullness of who they have been called to be.

Join us for this 5-hour experience that I pray will help transform the rest of your lives. God showed out during the first event, so we can only go higher. 

Register today and prepare for an amazing day of discovery, fellowship, and revelation! 

- Rev. Dr. Arlecia Simmons