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How To Get Beyond Writer's Block

Posted on May 13, 2015 at 9:15 AM

People have often asked me about my writing process. I usually resist sharing because it's not a linear process that I can package in three of four steps. I write in what I call "chunks." For example, I am working on a sermon for May 31, and I have essentially sent 4 emails to myself with graphs that will compose the final manuscript. Before it is all said and done, I will have sent myself text messages and there will be handwritten notes on bags, napkins, and within my journal.

Essentially, I write when the spirit leads. While there are systematic approaches to writing used by various famous and not-so-famous writers, I believe a writer must choose what works best for them. There are times I have written an outline and followed it while writing, and then there are times when my "Lele Method" is employed and has yielded great results.

While the LM works for inspirational writing, it doesn't work so well for academic writing where the Spirit may be at work in a different way :)!

(Prayers for all college instructors who are now reading or have just read 20-25 pages of great conceptual ideas communicated in a stream of conscious flow.)

So here's what I wanted to tell you: Stop procrastinating just because you don't have an entire page of copy in you. So often writers are discouraged when they pull up that blank document and it seems like nothing will come. So here's three things to consider:

1) Just get started. I have started sermons, blog posts, and even academic papers by just writing one sentence or word. Yes, an entire document with ONE WORD. Eventually, the page would grow, but I had to begin with something.

2) Keep your prompt, text, or assignment with you at all times. Why? I make use of "free time" to reflect on the project at hand. Instead of standing in line at the grocery store being irritated, I stand there rehearsing the words of the prophet or the psalmist. Before I walk to the car, I have received revelation. Thus, the notes on napkins or bags.

3) Give yourself time and space. Good writing doesn't just happen. Sentences have to be constructed and then deconstructed. Good writers cut, paste, and delete. Note, we cut and paste our own work and not that of others.

In the middle of working on another project, God led me to stop and write this chunk of info. I pray it is helpful to you. Oh, and don't forget to use SPELL CHECK and get an editor! Here's today's unedited contribution to the world!

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As always, continue to ‪#‎looknlive‬!

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