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Bragging Rights!!!

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 7:50 PM

Some days Facebook does more than waste time.

Recently in one of the groups I follow, the administrator encouraged members to brag about themselves. I don't do this well, although I sure some would say I do it all the time.

The prompt actually reminded me that I needed to update my bio on this site. As I updated the info, I was reminded of God's faithfulness. It's so easy to try and compare our lives and ministries against those we follow on social media. Yep, we can get caught up in their invitations and "mics" without recognizing God's work in your own lives.

While looking at someone else's accomplishments can inspire you to strive or run harder, please make sure it doesn't drive you insane. Don't allow yourself to forget the ways God has used you. Yes, even if you haven't had the "big" experiences. If you woke up that day and participated in it, it was a big experience. You showed up!

Although "we have this ministry," I am fully aware that my ministry and others who are "preaching paint off walls" and "wrecking pulpits" is quite different. We all have different preaching styles, voices, and anointings. There's more than enough people to be saved, healed, delivered, and set free!

So if you are worrying about why your ministry, business, or work doesn't look like someone else's, consider the work you are assigned to do is a unique one.

Consider how God moves in YOUR life.

Consider the people you have been called to serve.

Consider that not every organization, person, pulpit or podium is your assignment.

Consider that you are a peculiar person made in God's image!

Don't forget the story is still being written, and there's plenty good room for all of us!

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