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Writing Words on Fiyah

Posted on May 6, 2018 at 10:50 PM

Wow! I’m wrapping up the first weekend of May 2018 and wondering where the time has gone.

As the year fades away, I’m more focused on the things I placed on both last and this year’s To-Do List. Writing the next book is still #1 on the list. This weekend, I made a major investment in accomplishing that goal by attending the #ScribesArise Writers Bootcamp held in in the suburbs of Chicago. During the gathering, the words “charismatic,” “prophetic,” and “burning words” were used, so it was not ordinary writer’s retreat. I left not only inspired, but also infused with the fire of he Holy Spirit to continue writing words that are on assignment. Like the prophets and scribes who produced the writings

While most academicians will work to churn out research articles this summer, I’m looking forward to pouring out my soul in spiritual writing. Just go to any bookstore (yes, they still exist) and you’ll find rows and rows of books from well-known authors like T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, and Joel Osteen, just to name a few. The categories have expanded over the years, and I’m still talking about all of the books that are supposed to be alongside the many authors and books that fall under “Christian Life” or “Spirituality.”

A sister must get to work. I’ve been writing, but now I’m writing with more intentionality.

My prayer is that I won’t take the words inside of me to the grave, but my prayer is that they will be released to heal, inspire, and restore. They'll be released to help people LOOK and LIVE! 

May the words you have on assignment flow out onto pages, blogs, songs, prayers, and books in this season. May our names not be recorded in the card catalogue of all the books that went to the grave with authors who did not birth them during their lives. 

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