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Caring for La Di Da Di Without Caring for Yourself

Posted on August 10, 2019 at 8:20 PM

One of the things I’ve been advocating for most of the summer is for my real-life friends and social media followers to truly embrace self-care. Yes, the care of one’s self. Not the care of your children, partners, spouses, parents, church folks, La Di, Da Di, or everybody else.

Those in helping professions, especially those of us who are clergy, educators, social workers, and medical care providers do great at taking care of others but not so great of caring for ourselves.

Recently on a Facebook Live video, I declared myself the Ministry of Self Care in some spaces I operate in because I see so many people operating on empty. Pouring into others while walking around dehydrated and malnourished because they haven’t taken the time to relax, relate, or release.

For me, relaxation ranges from marinating on the couch watching mindless reality television to taking a hike on a walking path in the woods. For some, it’s a day at the spa or an evening out with friends. While the care we extend to ourselves can vary, my prayer is that more people will see the need to take the much needed time to do what wakes their spirit up! So often we think that our spirits are only awakened in prayer, but just imagine how you could hear from God if you were so in tune with your body that you could detect God’s voice over your fatigue, negative self-talk, and distractions?

What if you remembered what you enjoyed? What if you allowed God to be in control while you went and exhaled?

Trust me; the world will continue to revolve if you took a few extra minutes each week to breathe!

Happy Woosahh-ing! 

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