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You Have To Show Up!!!

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 12:45 AM

While celebrating my birthday in ATL a few weeks ago, I had this providential conversation that I first dismissed as a random encounter. A friend from childhood and I were trying to figure out how to eat a gyro and box of ribs without a chair or table. So little Ms. Sunshine Tonetta goes to this woman's tent and asks if we can just stand at an adjacent table.

The woman proceeds to say her friends have gone so we can even sit down. We sit down and begin eating with bbq and Tzatziki sauce everywhere. We're talking about what we're talking about, and the sister who is hosting us eventually joins in. She finally says "What exactly do you do?"

Well, that's a complicated answer but I told her that I was a minister and a "Divine Content Producer." She began to tell me about her work, and how she is a corporate event planner. We began to discuss my budding comedic ministry, and honey, she gave it to me straight-no-chaser.

She told me "the difference between the people who get booked who aren't that good and the people who are sitting on the sidelines critiquing is the people who got booked showed up:"

She encouraged me to get as much video as I could, and to grab a mic when possible. Video? (Convo in my head: Doesn't she know I'm just working on this thing? I had formal education for everything else, but I might have to learn this thing from YouTube. I can't go out there and make a fool of myself.)

Well, what she said to me stayed with me. "Arlecia, you just have to go out there. You might fail. But you'll learn. You'll figure it out. You always figure it out! Two days later, I booked a show that was 5 days away. I hadn't done anything else in two months, so I was on the fast track to getting it together.

Oh, did I say I needed to drive from Atlanta to Washington, D.C., to accomplish this revelation?

I got to DC, bought a dress, had to run errands before the event so I ended up going to the gym to shower and change, put my makeup on in the car, and finally offered under 8 minutes of funny -the audience members were gracious. And as providence would have it, the emcee for the event was a former writer for Saturday Night Live who offered some great advice and critique about what she had seen. She was filling in for someone, but only God would have our paths to cross on that night.

I did it. I conquered my fears. I launched out into the deep. I took a risk. I trusted God. I did all of this and didn't pass out. Oh, and I was rather cute.

So as the sister said in the park, the difference between those who end up on the stage and those who are on the sidelines critiquing is the person on the stage showed up. I SHOWED UP!

Check out me showing up at : http://www.looknlive.com/out-of-order-comedy

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