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Prayer with Purpose

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 10:15 AM

Some days we submit "Prayers of Petition" and other days we submit "Pray Requisitions."

The latter is often submitted with some expectation and knowledge of the exact "fund" or "account" from which the requisition will be "paid" or answered. Additionally in some systems, a requisition could take multiple approvals or signatures. In college, I spent my summers filing paperwork that had found its way through procurement, accounts payable and systems accounting! Getting requisitions paid was a process!

This morning as I cried out to God on a matter, I amended my request by expressing to God that however the need was addressed would be just fine with me. I stopped suggesting to the omniscient God the ways my request could be "funded."

I am not going to expect it to come from the South if you want to send it from the West. I am not going to expect a contract for work if you choose to send it as an unexpected love gift. I am just going to stand still and see the goodness of the Lord. I am going to get out of God's way! God doesn't need me on the advisory counsel. In the words of the old saints "Anyway you fix it (bless me) will be alright with me!" Amen.

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